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With their elegant and minimalist design, travertine tiles offer a simple yet refined tiling solution for modern households. Our travertine-look tiles capture the natural beauty of travertine stone, effortlessly cultivating a sense of charm and warmth in your home. Whether used as outdoor tiles or inside as wall cladding or flooring, travertine-look tiles will always boast a timeless appeal.

Shop with confidence knowing that you are purchasing highly durable travertine-look tiles of the highest quality. We source our tiles from the world’s best manufacturers, across Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, and the United Arab Emirates. We carefully select products that meet our rigorous quality standards and offer a wide variety of choices to suit all tastes and budgets. So no matter what style of travertine-look tiles you are searching for, you will find something to suit your space at the best price with Elegance Tiles, the premier retailer for travertine-look tiles in Melbourne.



Choosing the right travertine tiles is crucial for achieving the desired look and durability of your space. Taking the time to carefully consider your options and select the best travertine tiles for your needs is essential for creating a beautiful and practical design.

Our travertine tile offerings

From outdoor travertine-styled pavers to indoor travertine flooring, we offer quality imitation tiles for every space in your home. Travertine is a stunning choice for both indoor and outdoor patio areas alike. Offering a range of low-maintenance options for floor and wall tiles, we allow you to choose from various colours and textures, including Ivory Grip, Ivory Matte and Light Grey. In addition, our tiles come in a series of sizes to suit your design sense, including 600×300, 600×600, 600×400 and mosaic cuts.

Let’s talk bathrooms

When it comes to the choice of your bathroom wall tiles, travertine-look tiles are a superb option. Providing superior durability and a stylish smooth surface, these tiles excel at creating a refined bathroom aesthetic. Why not try experimenting with small mosaic tiles in the bathroom for an enticing shower wall or bathroom feature? By playing with texture and shape, you can invite a sense of intrigue and flair into an otherwise simple space. 

Outdoor travertine tiles 

When it comes to outdoor tiles, travertine tiles are a crowd favourite. Weather resistant with a high non-slip rating, our outdoor travertine-look tiles are a popular choice for external settings. Whether used as individual stepping stones or covering entire outdoor spaces, travertine-look tiles offer a smooth surface, durable composition and superb slip resistance, making them ideal for exposed areas.

Colour, texture and finish

Travertine tiles come in different shades, with silver travertine tiles being a popular swimming pool surrounds tiling option. Ivory travertine tiles offer a clean and classic colour tone, making them popular among homeowners and interior designers. Boasting a travertine-look appearance, our collection comes in a range of colours that match the natural shades of travertine stone, poised to infuse a mineral-inspired colour palette into your home. Polishing, on the other hand, imparts a sophisticated finish, making it ideal for indoor applications. Regardless of your choice, our travertine-look tiles deliver a distinct and luxurious aesthetic.

Benefits of travertine tiles

Travertine-look, not only adds a touch of elegance to any space but also offers a number of practical benefits, making it an increasingly sought-after choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Durable travertine tiles are built to resist cracking, scratching, and chipping under normal wear and tear, contributing to their longevity. Its distinctive appearance, where each tile is unique yet harmonises with the others, adds visual appeal.

With a wide range of colours, textures and finishes available at Elegance Tiles, you can find the perfect travertine-look tiles to complement your home’s aesthetic. Along with non-slip properties, our travertine tiles are a safe option for bathrooms, other potentially slippery areas and outdoor applications.

Why choose elegance tiles for travertine?

At Elegance Tiles, we proudly stock high-quality travertine-look tiles sourced from reputable manufacturers in Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, and the UAE. We ensure that our products undergo strict quality controls, so you have nothing less than the best in your home. Our range of travertine-look tiles includes a number of beautiful textures, colours and finishes, including Light Grey Matt, Ivory and Beige, with several pre-cut sizes, large and small. 

Our experienced team of professionals can help guide your project towards your ultimate vision with expert insight into our range of travertine options. So whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to a kitchen rebuild or renovate an entire home, choose Victoria’s fastest-growing tile retailer to help you achieve your dream outcome. 

Try before you buy

Design projects have many moving parts, and we want to help you find the right tiling solution for your style. So, if you want to experiment with our travertine-look tiles or wall cladding before you buy travertine tiles for your next project, we offer samples of our travertine collection so you can explore your options before committing to a purchase.


Looking for a stylish, unique and practical solution for your new or revamped space? Travertine is a great choice. While it aligns with current interior design trends, its timeless appeal ensures enduring relevance. Our travertine-look tiles impart warmth, charm and character to any setting—wet or dry. Its durability, versatility and eco-friendly nature make it an exceptional choice for a design-savvy and environmentally conscious home. Sourced globally from esteemed manufacturers, our travertine-look tiles are primed for any project. With 13 stores in Victoria, Elegance Tiles is the premier retailer of high-quality travertine-look tiles in Melbourne.


Can travertine tiles be used outdoors?

Yes, travertine-look tiles are a great option for outdoor settings. Our covered and uncovered outdoor selection is designed with enhanced grip, perfect for garden paths and as pool coping tiles. 

Is it possible to customise the size and shape of travertine tiles?

Yes, at Elegance Tiles, we offer a range of shapes and sizes. A professional tiler can also shape and cut your tiles to fit your specific space.

Can travertine tiles be used in high-traffic areas?

Yes, our travertine-look tiles are great for high-traffic areas as they are naturally resistant to wear and tear, being made of porcelain material. 

Where does Elegance Tiles source its travertine products?

Elegance Tiles sources its products from the highest quality manufacturers worldwide, including regions in Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, and the UAE. 


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