Tools and Trims

We are one of the largest stockists of tools, trims and other accessories within the tiling industry.

We have a multitude of choices, including trims, spacers, trowels, tile cutters and more –  the list is almost endless. We are proud to partner with DTA Australia to provide the very latest in tiling tools and accessories, to view our complete range please visit the DTA Australia website or contact your nearest Elegance Tiles store.


While trims are usually treated as an afterthought in tiling projects, the reality is they can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of your space. More than just offering a practical bit of protection for exposed edges, when chosen wisely trims can provide a brilliant finish to your tiling job. 

With an extensive range of high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, PVC and brass trims Elegance Tiles and the DTA Australia online store can cater to any budget and style.


It can’t be overstated just how much spacers can improve the visual appeal of a tile project. To achieve a professional finish with perfectly straight grout lines and a meticulously aligned look, spacers are essential. 

Why leave anything to chance? Take on your next tile installation with a professional approach when you shop spacers from the quality stock at Elegance Tiles and DTA Australia. Search our wide range of spacers and wedges available in a variety of shapes and widths to accomplish the uniform effect you desire. 


High quality tile jobs are built on precision, not just when it comes to achieving a seamless alignment but also when it comes to applying just the right amount of mortar to your surface. Enter: trowels. Not just a handy piece of equipment for transporting mortar from bucket to installation site, trowels are your handheld metered dispensing system, and an indispensable purchase for any tile job.

From square-notch trowels that dispense larger volumes for more robust tile projects to V-notch varieties that can achieve meticulous mosaic arrangements, Elegance Tiles and DTA Australia offer a wide range of trowels to suit any style of installation. 


Tile Cutters 

In the vast majority of cases, it’s unlikely that your installation site is going to be a perfect multiple of your tile size. When this happens, tile cutting is the only way to achieve full-surface coverage so that you can turn your tile vision into reality. 

With a selection of electric and manual tile cutters and accessories suitable for DIY to professional users, Elegance Tiles and DTA Australia have what you need to pull off your next project.

Other Tiling Tools & Accessories

No matter what your DIY tile project vision is, Elegance Tiles and DTA Australia have got you covered. From dust shield protective systems, sealers, general hand tools and nippers to lippage levelling systems, you can find the tiling tools you need to service the job at hand.

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