Outside Style – Using Outdoor Tiles for Exteriors of Lasting Charm

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Outdoor tiles offer a huge range of benefits beyond simple flooring for your outdoor areas. Sure, they’re low maintenance, weatherproof and cost effective, but they also offer enough flexibility to allow countless design possibilities – even for outdoor furniture!

The Great Outdoors

Consider your classic outdoor decking. As a feature, outdoor decks have soared in popularity, helping increase property values. But did you know that you can create stunning, durable decks with wood-look tiles?

Wood-look tiles are a hardwearing alternative to wooden planks that can still offer the texture, depth and colour variety of wood – without the rotting and splintering that occurs over time.

They don’t wear out meaning they’ll save you money in the long term, they’re safer thanks to their anti-slip nature, and they’re easier to clean.

What’s more, they’re simply perfect accompaniments to your pool area, as they provide better grip and greater flexibility for you to achieve just the look you’re after.

Outdoor tile furniture for unique features

Beyond your decks, outdoor tiles are perfect for introducing eye-catching pieces and conversation starters like vertical gardens, multi-purpose bench seating, planter boxes and stair features.

And with the upswing in popularity of alfresco areas and indoor/outdoor living, outdoor tiles that complement your interior flooring can really tie these spaces together for the ultimate in year-round enjoyment.

Elegant exteriors

From concrete and wood-look to terracotta tiles, Elegance Tiles has a range of outdoor tiles that can help you create everything from an industrial look to rustic, down home charm. Here are some of our most popular options that have caught the eye of customers and designers alike.

So talk to one of our resident tile experts today, and get ready to enjoy your outdoors living like never before with Elegance Tiles!

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