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Whether starting fresh or freshening up, how do you choose the bathroom tiles perfect for your space?
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Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom renovation or simply looking to enhance your space, choosing the right tiles can make all the difference. They can add a touch of sophistication, make a bold statement, create a particular ambience or serve as an aesthetic focal point. With such a wide range of styles, sizes, colours, and patterns to choose from, finding the best bathroom tiles can be an exciting opportunity to customise your interior space. At Elegance Tiles, we have an extensive selection of products and the expertise to help you create your dream bathroom.



Whether you’re starting fresh or freshening up, how do you choose the perfect bathroom tiles for your space?

Size, Shape and Proportions

When choosing the size and shape of your bathroom tiles Melbourne, consider the layout and size of your space. Larger tiles can make small bathrooms feel more open, while smaller tiles can add depth and dimension. However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tile size and shape, so it’s important to assess each surface that needs tiling and determine where to focus attention.

To create a dynamic focal point, larger square or rectangular tiles can be used on the main areas of the bathroom, such as the walls and floors, with smaller tiles serving as statement designs. Incorporating tiles of different sizes, shapes, and textures can also add variety and interest to the room. For example, penny rounds or small hexagon mosaics can be used to introduce unique shapes, while small mosaic tiles can be used as a sleek and subtle feature on shower walls, shower nooks, or vanity splashbacks.

Tile Colour and Finish

While a trendy or bold design might be appealing now, it’s important to consider how it will look in the future. Will you still love it in 5-10 years, or is it just a passing fad in the interior design world?

To ensure your bathroom tiles remain timeless and stylish, choose colour schemes that complement the overall design of your home. The key is to be subtle and let the colours enhance the room rather than dominate it. Classic shades like navy blue and sage green are excellent choices, as they pair well with popular household colours like creamy white and charcoal grey. At Elegance Tiles, we offer a wide range of tile options and can help you find the perfect colour scheme to create a bathroom that stands the test of time.

Tile Patterns For Effortless Style  

Tile patterns are the perfect way to draw attention to your bathroom floor and walls without relying on colour. There are many design and pattern options for subway tiles; the possibilities are endless, from vertical to horizontally stacked bond to basketweave and herringbone. Alternatively, black and white mosaic tiles are one of the most timeless designs—an excellent option for both wall and floor tiles. 

There are many configurations for choosing your bathroom floor and wall tiles. A floor tile extending up the wall is a popular design choice for smaller bathrooms as it elongates the room. In some bathrooms, the wall and floor tile designs are divided in the same way, resulting in a smooth and cohesive appearance. 

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Natural lighting

Do you have a small, dark bathroom with limited natural light? Consider using white, glossy bathroom tiles to reflect the available light and create an illusion of a more open and spacious bathroom. Additionally, using the same tiles on both the bathroom walls and floor can also help make the space appear larger.

On the other hand, if you have a larger bathroom or a lot of natural light, you may want to opt for tiles with a satin or semi-gloss finish to reduce the reflective glare.

Grouting Choice for Your Bathroom Floor Tiles and Bathroom Wall Tiles

In recent years, coloured grout has become a popular trend in bathroom and kitchen design. The wide range of colours now available in grouting has led to a new level of room styling that was previously overlooked.

While it may go without saying, if you’re going to take a plunge into coloured grout, ensure it’s a complementary colour to your tile choice. This doesn’t mean it has to match the colour directly, but rather achieve visual harmony alongside it. If you’re choosing a striking grout colour, allow it to be the hero of this design: your tiles should be more subdued to let the colour shine.

Get a Better Range, Look and Price for Your Tiles

Our team of design experts can help you create the perfect bathroom design that accommodates your budget, ideas, and aesthetic preferences, all at a reasonable price. We offer an extensive range of tile options, making Elegance Tiles your one-stop-shop for achieving your dream bathroom space.

Our selection includes a wide range of porcelain and ceramic tiles suitable for any bathroom. From timeless travertine and marble look tiles to versatile porcelain tiles that come in a variety of styles, all our tiles are low-maintenance and incredibly stylish. Whatever your preference, we can help.

If you’re after the best bathroom tiles in Melbourne, speak to our staff at Elegance Tiles for tailored professional advice. Our expert team is on hand to help you through your bathroom tile journey, so get in touch with us today and create the bathroom design you’ve been dreaming of!

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