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Why Terrazzo Tiles Are Always A Good Option

Why Terrazzo Tiles Are Always A Good Option

Terrazzo have been a feature in architecture for thousands of years, with origins stemming back as far as ancient Egypt. More contemporary terrazzo tiles have been influenced heavily by Venetian artisans who used discarded marble chips mixed with concrete to create pavements. 

Today, terrazzo has been re-established as a key feature of modern architecture. Manufactured as a composite material using marble, granite, quartz, recycled glass and even recycled plastics to create unique design patterns. Used across industries from homewares and pottery to bench-tops, furniture and tiles – terrazzo is taking over the design world. 

So why are terrazzo tiles so popular and being rediscovered ubiquitously in interior design?


Low-Maintenance and Durable 

Terrazzo porcelain tiles are a very attractive option for those high traffic areas as they are durable and require minimal upkeep. The unique speckle designs of smooth surface terrazzos mean they can easily disguise dirt and wear-and-tear easier than most other materials or patterns. Let’s be honest, nothing beats a low maintenance flooring. Less cleaning = less stress! 

Image Source: Photography by Jellis Craig, @snd_building_group project using tiles from @elegancetilesthomastown


Versatility In Design 


Terrazzo can evolve any outdated space or new build. The variety of Terrazzo tiles means design potential is limitless, and can be personalised to your style. More recent terrazzo tiles have been strongly influenced by the resurgence of eclectic design and as such play a lot with colour. A few tiles from our recent collections including Terrazzo, Constellation  and Imperial range are testament to this trend. Other styles including Pietra Lombarda are a more condensed and subdued version of the versatile neutral greys. Other more traditional styles such as our  Veneto range is heavily influenced by the traditional Venetian terrazzo look. Both are timeless styles and as such continually find suitability across design spaces.

Powerful Design Element 


You can’t go wrong with terrazzo when it comes to design. It can be used across almost any surface – from walls, to flooring in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries…even externals (such as our Beton Charcoal External)! It’s a great way to play with colour without having to choose an entire block tone. 

Terrazzo tiles with accent colours can complement or be made complete by other features of the room; from soft furnishings to decorations. Our new range; the Imperial Collection, features a yellow, blue, pink and white on black accent terrazzo tile which could make for a very considered and stylish room. 


Affordable Style   


The ever so popular terrazzo tile is a great way to affordability include terrazzo in your design without the heavy price tag of real terrazzo. They have a dual function of not only offering a luxury feel but all the while with the functionality of tiles.


Image Source: Elegance Tiles Geelong @elegancetilesgeelongsurfcoast


Timeless Appeal 


Architectural Digest recently stated terrazzo design stood the test of time alongside other design elements including subway tiles and the classic blue and white porcelain look. Homes To Love echoed this idea by stating terrazzo can embrace any space – from traditional to contemporary, indoor to outdoor. With seamless suitability across design genres, and applicability across living to wet areas, what’s not to love about this tile! 

Image Source: @senbuilt from @elegancetilesascotvale


Thinking Of Using Terrazzo For An Upcoming Project But Not Sure Where To Start? 


Elegance Tiles Store has a vast array of porcelain terrazzo tiles to choose from. From white terrazzo tile, to grey terrazzo tile, black terrazzo tile and even coloured terrazzos – our large and extensive tile range means we will be able to find the right option for you.  At just 6 for $6 samples with delivery across all of Victoria, you can choose from a range of our terrazzo look tiles to help make your choice easier! 

If you have undertaken or are planning a renovation or build using Elegance Tiles, make sure you message us on Instagram or email us at marketing@elegancetiles.com.au to speak to our team about featuring in one of our renovation blogs! 


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For expert assistance on budget, design ideas and renovation cost make sur eyou speak to our team at Elegance Tiles. They can assist you with any queries on any space – whether it be you’re renovating your first family home, or dream bathroom, kitchen or laundry, we’re here to help. Visit us in store or online. 

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