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Bright and Beautiful – The Popular Subway Tile Range

Dive into a world of colour as our new Popular subway tiles make a splash!

Bright and Beautiful – The Popular Subway Tile Range

Dive into a world of colour as our new Popular subway tiles make a splash!

There are a few very good reasons why subway tiles have endured and continue to be a popular choice for many. They’re beautiful, they’re inexpensive and they’re classic. Very much like an all black outfit or jeans and a tee, they’re a look that’s never out of style! While the traditional subway aesthetic continues to be a home décor staple, we love seeing this trend evolve. Our brand new Popular range brings subway tiles to life with beautiful washes of colour, providing a fresh and modern twist.

Embracing Colour

The most common subway tile design, using a black or white tile with contrasting grout, has been a tried and true aesthetic for years and enjoyed particular popularity in 2018. This traditional look is a safe and classic option that you just can’t go wrong with. If you’re drawn to subway tiles but want your project to stand out from all the rest, the Popular range now available at Elegance Tiles may be just what you’re looking for. This range offers soft washes of colour including mint, grey and pink and mimics the look of handmade clay tiles that are seen all over Pinterest. These pastel tones are perfect if you’re looking to create a pop of colour in an area that could otherwise be quite stark. And, given the subtle hues of these beautiful tiles, they’re eye-catching without being intimidating.

Subway Tiles

Tranquil Tiles

The two bathrooms below are both stunning examples of our mint Popular subway tile in action. The dreamy colour of this glossy tile gives an almost oasis-like feeling to both rooms, with mint and concrete-look grey working together perfectly. If you dream of a spa retreat in your own home, incorporating this water toned hue will help you achieve that tranquil atmosphere.

subway tilessubway tiles

For those who prefer a bold statement, the Popular tiles also come in rich navy (in gloss or matt finish) and a dark grey option. We love the effect these tiles give when laid all the way from floor to the ceiling in a stacked pattern. Not only does this technique help to make a space appear much more spacious, these colours work to maximise impact. This design is great for those who love the traditional look of contrast between colours but want a modern and softer alternative to black and white.

Popular Subway Tiles

We have even more tips for incorporating subway tiles in your home, a must read if you love the more classic urban style these tiles are known for.

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