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What are Feature Walls

A perfect way to refresh or revitalise your home is by adding a feature wall. A feature wall is an accented wall that stands out from the adjacent walls due to its unique, shape, design etc. 

Why Use A Feature Wall

It becomes a focal point of the room as our attention turns to it as you walk in. As such it is great to decorate without having to completely redesign, taking into account how expensive it can be to do an entire renovation. 

What Material Should I Use For a Feature Wall? 

Tiles are an excellent choice to spruce up an area as they can add an element of style and design seamlessly. The results will show! The best thing about choosing wall tiles, is your options are limitless. 

There is so much choice including porcelain tiles to ceramic tiles, stone or other material, to different shapes, colours, finishes, sizes, there’s something for everyone’s style and taste.

The right type of bathroom wall tiles, kitchen tiles or living room can transform any interior or exterior into a statement for the ages. 

So let’s outline the best steps for picking your perfect tiles! 

Choosing the Right Room 

Our advice is to think about what room you want to be the strength of the house. 

Whilst feature walls are popular within bedrooms, picking a space in your home where you want people to regularly see the feature wall can be a great idea. 

Main Bathroom, Kitchen and Living Are Great Places to Start

These rooms are excellent to showcase the identity of your home as this is a central location where both guests and family members spend most of their time.


Pick Your Colour or Shade

A burst of colour can have an extraordinary impact in a bathroom. 

Primary colours red, blue and yellow can bring vibrancy and dramatise a room, whilst neutrals and pastels are much softer, lighter and calming. 

Selecting the Right Colour Sequences

Monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, or triads are a few colour theories to think of before choosing your palette. 

Opting for a monochrome scheme where all colours share the same hue but are varied through changing tint, tone or shade with one accented wall can be great to create a sophisticated, impactful look against the floor. 

Elegance Tiles has a wide variety of ceramic tile and porcelain which can be used to create this look. The opportunities are endless!

Consider Materials
If you’re looking to add warmth to your living space, why not try a touch of timber?

Timber-look tiles are excellent to achieve a rustic or natural look without having to worry about upkeep real wood requires.

Rich and earthy homes are especially popular at the moment and Elegance Tiles has an abundant range of timber looking hybrids and tiles.
Timber Look Wall Tiles

Opt for Texture

Feature walls are also a great choice to experiment with texture. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are great choices as they come in various colours, sizes but also textures to suit your home identity, style and design ambitions. 

Get Creative With Your Tile Pattern 

In the bathroom shower you could use mosaic or an interesting pattern such as herringbone to create a stylish space. 

You could even do this above a fireplace for a real wow factor in the living area. Subway tiles are a great choice as there are so many patterns you can make. 

Choose a Distinct Finish 

Your surface finish is just as important to consider for your feature wall. 

A glossy finish or glazed ceramics will reflect, be slippery and have a shine which could create an elegant and sophisticated look. 

A matt finish is more of a natural and organic look which can offer a contrast to say white surrounding walls. 

Satin finishes are in between and are less reflective however can just have as much impact.

Enduring appeal

An exposed brick feature wall can add retro charm to most any room. 

Using tiles to achieve this look is far more practical as they’ll last longer, and be easier to clean. 

Elegance Tiles has a number of brick-look subway tiles that can create this aesthetic.

Fine details can really stand out too. Small mosaics or geometric motifs work brilliantly to delight the eye, as do vertical or diagonal herringbone arrangements.

And it’s not just interiors that can benefit from wall tiles – rugged, striking or calming effects can also be achieved using a feature facade in your outdoor areas as well.


Exteriors Can Also Be A Great Place for A Feature Wall

Rugged, striking or calming effects can also be achieved via feature facade in your outdoor areas as well. 

It can be a great choice to decor the exterior of your home and there are so many areas you can add to! 

Porcelain Tiles are extremely durable and therefore a great option for outdoors as they are sturdy, non-porous meaning they are very resistant to staining and moisture, are low maintenance, long-standing options which will last you decades. 

There are so many external areas to think about when considering outdoor features; from a stone wall overlooking the pool, to a tiled outdoor fireplace, an undercover BBQ area, fencing, a feature garden…there is so much variety when it comes to thinking about how you can use the tiles!

So have fun! Get creative and the results will show! 

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