Choosing the right wall tiles for feature walls you won’t forget

One thing guaranteed to turn even the dullest space into something daring is a feature wall. And the best thing about it is that with wall tiles, your options are basically limitless!

Even in spaces where tiles may feature prominently already, there’s room to shake the pattern up with a little creative thinking.

Let’s take a look at how the right wall tiles can transform any interior – or exterior – into a statement for the ages.

Colour and shade

For the bathroom, a bold burst of colour can have extraordinary impact. Primaries like red bring can bring warmth and drama, while pastel tones can bring a truly calming effect. Or, go for a sophisticated and impactful look with monochrome – it’s amazing how much variety you can achieve with this approach.

Natural beauty

If you’re looking to add warmth to your living space, why not try a touch of timber? Timber-look tiles are an excellent way to achieve a rustic look without all the upkeep that real wood typically requires. Look for options that achieve a rich, earthy finish among our range.

Enduring appeal

An exposed brick feature wall can add retro charm to most any room. Using tiles to achieve this look is far more practical as they’ll last longer, and be easier to clean. Elegance Tiles has a number of brick-look wall tiles that can give you an authentic brick aesthetic.

Fine details can really stand out too. Small mosaics or geometric motifs work brilliantly to delight the eye, as do vertical or diagonal herringbone arrangements.

And it’s not just interiors that can benefit from wall tiles – rugged, striking or calming effects can also be achieved via feature walls in your outdoor areas as well.

So have fun! Indulge in a little vision. And as ever, talk to one of the resident experts at an Elegance Tiles near you for help achieving the feature wall worthy of your imagination!

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