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The HOTTEST Tile Trends Anticipated For 2022

The HOTTEST Tile Trends Anticipated For 2022

I think we can all agree bathroom design continues to outdo itself. Each year we are seeing more and more exciting, innovative and all round stunning bathroom design trends being incorporated into both the functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom. Some trends take a spin on the traditional, while others elevate through modernism. So to kick start the new year, we’ve put together the hottest living, laundry, kitchen and bathroom tile trends we expect to take off in 2022 in the tile design world. 

Wallpaper Look Tiles

Over the last two years, we have seen the surge in the use of wallpaper and wallpaper look tiles. This is in alignment with the pandemic, where we saw a boom in renovation and diy work on a global scale. No longer are wallpapers a boring old pattern in your grandparents’ outdated bathroom. Intricate wall art is being celebrated as a statement piece across homes. It’s a shift away from ordinary tile compositions to incorporating more art inspired patterns in homes. These wallpaper look tiles are now a node to the traditional home and are a truly grande way to create a unique and distinct interior design, having been coined as the new feature wall of 2022

Our Timeline Botanical Matt 600×1200; is a great example of a contemporary twist on a classic floral print. Not only do these large scale wall pieces serve on an aesthetic level, but also highly durable, versatile and overall functional. We expect these dynamic floral and traditional prints will continue to be featured throughout design in 2022.

Botanicals; Bringing The Outdoors In 

Evoking the outdoors has become so desirable in interiors. The growing interest in connecting with natural materials and elements throughout the home stems from ideologies including the Nordic concept Friluftsliv. This Scandinavian philosophy translates to “free air life” and is an approach to life which emphasizes the value of connecting to the outside world for both spiritual and physical wellbeing. This concept has been interlaced in interior design, and aims to bring the outdoor experience into indoor spaces

There are numerous ways to incorporate the outdoor experience into interior design spaces. Using landscape tiles which evoke certain environments can work to mimic the externals. Feature tiles such as our Botanical Caribbean 600×1200 give that dream jungalow vibe. Other approaches include using specific colour palettes which replace the outdoor world. Block colours including greens, blues or yellows for your bathroom floor tiles or bathroom interiors are a great way to create an emotive element in the bathroom space. 

Terracotta’s And All Warm Earth Looks 

The love of earthy tones in bathroom tile trends continues. In 2022 expect to see big things happening with warm hue tiles. Terracotta is one example of a material which has been used extensively throughout history; throughout architecture and design. It is a feature which continues to evolve and adapt to its era. Whilst terracotta tiles today still have lingering elements of the 1980’s style, there is more of a shift towards bringing back the baked earth look with today’s terracotta. Matt finishes and rugged edges are being used to give more of that authentic appeal.

Vintage Mosaics 

We expect bathroom tile trends 2022 will continue to use mosaic splashbacks and features throughout bathroom design. In align with the shift away from ordinary tile compositions, we expect 2022 will produce a lot of intriguing contemporary shapes including hexagons, fish scales and penny rounds continue to be used in design as well as mismatched tile patterns such as our Materic Antique White range. With endless shapes, colours, sizes…you can expect this twist on a classic will continue to be a trend throughout interiors.

Travertine & Stone Look 

Travertine and natural stone look continues to pervade design. It is so appealing due to it’s highly versatile nature and capability of matching any style. Travertines serve a broad variety of markets – primarily in bathrooms, around pool areas and in decor. It is a meeting of antique elegance of the old world in a contemporary setting. Travertine look tiles are a hard and durable option which mimic the natural stone without the higher price tag. 

Handmade Subway Tiles 

The subway tile rectangular shape is a timeless classic when it comes to design. It continues to evolve with the trends of the time. In tandem with the desire to connect more with natural material and elements, we are seeing a surge in ‘handmade look tiles’ especially in the subway variety.  The capacity for various arranging rectangular tiles in patterns including herringbone, vertical or horizontal lay make design potential limitless. 

Greens Greens Greens

There has been a unanimous consensus across leading paint companies that grey-greens are going to be big for 2022. American paint manufacturer PPG suggested this colour is symbolic of regrowth post-pandemic world. Not only is it a grounded and organic hue, but as versatile as it is popular – a motif being incorporated into the design from fabrics, to wall colour, to to decor to tiles. This hue wields a luminous and sophisticated ambiance; synonymous with a mergence of the interior and exterior world – which we continue to emphasise will be a priority of design for 2022. 

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