The timeless style of subway tiles

The subway tile. It’s of the most conventional, affordable and effective tiles to use throughout the home. In the past three years,  subway tiles have made a massive comeback into the forefront of interior design and styling. So how do you use this tile in a new and creative way in your home?

Take a new direction

The typical image that comes to mind with subway tiles is the horizontal layout used across a splashback in a contemporary kitchen. Simply changing the layout of these tiles can elevate a surface from common trend to designer style.

Raw edges

Thinking outside the box when it comes to tiled areas can also help draw interest to your subway tiles. Rather than finishing a pattern directly at the end of a wall or in a straight line, use uneven edges to draw more attention to your simple tiles.

A splash(back) of colour

There are plenty of colours available to choose from outside the traditional white subway tile. Try using a striking gloss black tile for a touch of luxury or a softer green for a more organic compliment to a kitchen design. If your home has very neutral coloured walls and flooring, a feature wall made of colourful subways tiles can be a cost effective focal point.


Great grout

Colourful grout continues to trend and by adding a splash of colour around your subway tiles, you can actually highlight them as a feature of a room. For simple white subway tiles, try a bolder black grout around them.

Thinking of adding some subway charm to your home? Check out our range, or stop by and talk with one of our tile experts – we’ll get you where you’re going with your tile projects.

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