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Bathroom Design Trends We’ve Loved in 2021

Bathroom Design Trends We’ve Loved in 2021

In light of what can only be described as another very long year, 2021 has seen some wonderful bathroom trends which we have loved and celebrated throughout design. Here are a few bathroom design trends 2021 which we just cannot get enough of.



Double Rain Showers 

Double rain showers have become a standout feature in bathrooms. Not only does the symmetrical look add an element of luxury and sophistication to any bathroom, but they’re also really practical. No more waiting while your partner finishes washing their hair! 


Open Shower & Bath Wet Room  

The open walk through shower and bath space has become a must have. It is a step away from the traditional shower cubicle and a step into an open spacious wash area. We have seen in a lot of bathroom designs the wet room becomes a great opportunity to play with design elements including having a curved standalone screen, half wall or niche using two tone tiles. Not only do most of these additional features function work to contain the wet area from the rest of the bathroom and look amazing. 

This bathroom design contributes to the open floor plans we are seeing ubiquitously throughout interior design trends including open kitchen, living and dining areas. Open shower and bath areas can make even the smallest of bathrooms feel more spacious and inviting. Picking a 600×600 or 600×1200 porcelain tile with veining or textured tiles is the perfect way to achieve this bathroom trend easily. Even more so – using both the bathroom floor and the walls is a great way to elevate your design.


Freestanding Baths 

Freestanding baths are perhaps one of the most aesthetic and luxury elements of the contemporary bathroom. Aside from the outstanding visual impact the freestanding bath creates they are super easy to clean! Unlike traditional built in baths which are more difficult to maintain due to them being framed by glass, tiles and grout, the ease of being able to move around the bath makes it more than easy to upkeep cleanliness. All in all; they’re the perfect choice for a modern and sophisticated bathroom and can fit into just about any space. 


Arch Mirrors 

The arch mirror trend is growing and we are so here for it! They are the perfect way to make a design statement in your bathroom without overdoing it. They are a great alternative to the classic rectangular mirror. The roundness serves to soften the space and overall improves the level of style to the space. It’s a win from us! 


Wooden Vanity 

The wooden vanity is a natural beauty when it comes to the bathroom.  They look extremely aesthetic and can warm any space – suiting just about every colour palette and therefore most bathrooms.  They’re able to withstand humidity which is critical in bathrooms, and are also extremely sturdy and durable. 


Curved Walls  

We are loving the growing trend of curved bathroom walls. They contribute to creating a flow in the space whilst concealing certain areas (i.e. the shower or toilet). Perfect to use a kitkat or subway tiles in a truly eye-catching way. They can allow you to play with design without having to choose colour or style – or you can pair all three for a real kicker! 


Large Format Wall Decorators 

Tile design has come a long way in the last few decades in terms of both quality and variety. They have become an integral component of modern bathroom design. Whilst mosaic tiles, hexagonal tiles and all other small scale decorators will always be a beloved feature of the bathroom, we are seeing a rise in using large format wall decorators. These botanical or even bohemian style tiles are the perfect way to encapsulate moods, tones and ambiances like never before. 


Need More Support With Your Next Project? 

Whether you’re stuck for bathroom tile ideas or looking to start your next bathroom renovation or build, Elegance Tiles is here to help you pick the right bathroom floors and walls to create a stunning bathroom of your dreams. With a wide range of porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and a variety of finishes from glossy tiles to textured tiles, matte tiles and more – there is an option for any project big or small! Check out our website to view our range of marble tiles, porcelain tiles and many many more bathroom tiles. For any further enquiries you can find your closest store on our website or reach out to us at enquiries@elegancetiles.com.au.  






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