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Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Tiles

We answer your most commonly asked questions about outdoor tiles!

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Tiles

While outdoor pavers and decking are a popular choice for any area exposed to the elements, outdoor tiles offer a whole new world of possibility. Available in a range of sizes, colours and textures there are options to suit any style. If you’re dreaming of a backyard renovation, keep in mind the area your tiles will be used and the overall look you desire. For instance, is your backyard modern? Will your tiles be installed near a pool area?

To help you choose the perfect outdoor tile for your space, we’ve answered some of our most commonly asked questions below to help with your selection process.

What surface finish is best for outdoor use?

In our outdoor tile range, we have products with External, Grip, Structured, Rock, Anti Slip and Alfresco finishes. Any of these are perfect for outdoor use, and really, the finish name is entirely dependent on the preference of the supplier. They essentially all mean the same thing!

Are outdoor tiles suitable to lay in wet areas, like around a pool?

Yes, however, we would recommend certain tiles more than others due to their technical rating. When browsing our range online, all the technical information you need to know is included in the specifications for each product. But if you’d like some help navigating this information, it’s always best to pop into your nearest store. Our expert staff will be on hand to assist you in selecting the most suitable tile for your outdoor space, taking into consideration your design, the area being tiled and any technical information that’s relevant to your project.

Will outdoor elements affect my outdoor tiles?

No, the majority of our outdoor tiles are UV, fire and frost resistant. This means you can rest assured the natural elements would not change the aesthetic or structural integrity of your tile. And luckily, if they do need freshening up, the tiles in our outdoor range are super easy to clean.

What are the benefits of choosing timber look tiles over traditional decking?

Where do we begin? The beauty of timber look tiles is they require no maintenance. Unlike traditional decking, they don’t require ongoing sealing, cleaning or upkeep. They’re also super hard wearing and won’t fade from UV exposure or regular use. Timber look tiles aren’t just a great option for outdoor use, they’re also an amazing eco-friendly and durable alternative to floorboards. Find out why you should incorporate them in your home here.

Does Elegance Tiles have an external tile to suit my style?

Why, yes of course!

The beauty of sourcing product from the best suppliers around the world is that we can offer our customers a great range to suit all styles and budgets. If you love an ultra-modern concrete look, we’d point you in the direction of our Beton Grey or Charcoal External. And if you’re keen on a timber effect without the constant upkeep, you’re sure to appreciate our Eco Wood Canela External. From classic stone to contemporary trends, we have an external tile to complement your desired style.

Whether you want a concrete outdoor paver effect or a more low maintenance alternative to traditional decking, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for at Elegance.

Want to know more about our outdoor tile range? Book an appointment and chat to our expert team in store, they can lead you through our wide range of products and help you make the right choice for your area.

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