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5 White Bathroom Tile Ideas & How To Recreate Them At Home

5 White Bathroom Tile Ideas & How To Recreate Them At Home

There’s no denying that when it comes to white bathroom tiles, versatility is never in short supply. Between the shapes and textures on offer, not to mention the pattern potential, white tiles can go a long way in enhancing the aesthetic of any bathroom. 


Whether you want to canvas a stylish arrangement of marble tiles for a contemporary bathroom look, or opt for a more traditional feel with a sprawl of classic subway tiles against your claw foot tub, these ivory bathroom coverings can excel at imbuing a space with a sense of charm, sophistication and elegance. 


To lend a bit of guidance, and maybe even a hint of inspiration, we’ve outlined 5 top white bathroom tile ideas that you can take with you to your next tile project. 

Image Source: The White Haus featuring our Nordic White mosaic

1. White Tile Materials & Textures

Before we dive headfirst into the different types of elegant white bathroom tiles on offer, it’s well worth having a word about the bevy of materials there are to choose from and what each one can do for your space as far as texture goes.


Ceramic tiles are obviously a common pick – and for good reason! They’re durable, water resistant, relatively inexpensive, and their smooth surface serves to give a clean, uniform look. 


Marble-look tiles have also gained popularity with their refined aesthetic appeal. 


For the natural marble stone (or even wood) look with a fraction of the maintenance, porcelain tiles are an excellent choice, with the option of a polished or honed texture for white walls and floors. 


And a word to the wise – should your bathroom receive a lot of natural light, it’s best to choose a minimally glossy material to mitigate the glare factor. For darker bathrooms, quite the opposite.

Image Source: Zephyr & Stone – Recreate with our White Matt Pennyround

2. Large White Format Tiles

If you find yourself in the position of having to work with a small or even tiny bathroom – don’t fret, there is a modern bathroom tiling design for just this situation. Enter: Large white format tiles. Because of their larger frame, these tiles really help to expand a space, visually – making your bathroom feel bigger and more open. 


The other upside of this approach is lower maintenance on account of the fewer grout lines, which also help to streamline the entire space. 


Image Source: Adore Magazines recreate with our Crystal Moon mosaic and Travertine Grey tile


3. White Subway Tiles

As far as white bathroom wall tiles ideas go, subway tiles are the tried-and-true. With their distinctive rectangular shape and beveled or nibbed edges, this variety actually boasts exceptional versatility – able to fit the bill for either a classic Victorian look or an ultra modern bathroom tiling aesthetic. With aglossy finish, these brick-shaped beauties can serve as an ideal backdrop alongside more natural earthy materials like wood, or even by themselves for an all white bathroom. 

Image Source: Oak & Orange – recreate with our Heritage White subway and Shale Moon tile


4. White Wood-Look Tiles

This may be of particular interest to those who thoroughly enjoy styling their home with a more natural, organic aesthetic. While the rustic wooden timber look can certainly do wonders for your bathroom space, unfortunately the material itself can be a nightmare to deal with in such a wet area. Luckily, porcelain tiles are available in finishes and textures that imitate the natural look extremely well, with the added bonus of being very easy to clean and maintain. 

Image Source: Salt At Shoal Bay recreate with our Look Bianco subway


5. White Tile Patterns and Layouts


Here’s where you can get a bit creative, hone in on the particular style you’re after and elevate the look of your bathroom even further. The layout pattern you decide on can add a whole new dimension to your bathroom space, adding intricate designs and contours that draw the eye to desired focal points. 


The classic stacked patternis a go-to for simplicity. Though it’s important to add some variation to what can otherwise be a very monotonous layout. Alternating shades or textures can be a helpful antidote to this. 


Off-Set is yet another classic option, with the opportunity to vary it up with either a 50/50 offset for a traditional look, a varied offset for a more natural feel, or the irregular offset for a very organic effect. 


For a more detailed tessellation, the Herringbone pattern has proven to be a perpetually in-style choice. Whether used on the wall of your marble-look shower or along the entire length of your bathroom floor, this pattern nevers fails to give a bold splash of geometric beauty to a surface. 


Similarly, Kit Kat mosaics have gained traction in recent years. The vertical stacking of thin rectangular tiles is now something of a choice pick amoung bathroom wall tiles ideas, creating a palpable texture and a decorative look.

Image Source: Style Curator


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