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The Power of a Feature Wall – Let’s Break it Down…

The Power of a Feature Wall – Let’s Break it Down…

The power of a feature wall – Let’s break it down…

Never underestimate the power of a feature wall in your space. Incorporating, patterns, Mosaics, colours or textures into your home is truly what transforms the space from a house to a home. With today’s evolving tile designs and manufacturing there is a tile unique to every individual. This is how YOU, can add that splash of liveliness into your space…



When imagining your dream bathroom, ideal splashback or general feature wall in your home it’s very easy to opt for a neutral look or to stay in your comfort zone, with a subway or mosaic. We tend to stray away from patterns, as they change with time. However, with tile design and manufacturing rapidly evolving there is a range of options now, from a more simplistic look such as our ‘timeline seventy-nine’ which offers a subtle Grecian style to your space. On the contrary, our ‘Botanical Caribbean’ offers more prominent features and colours. Whether you’re looking for an understated or bold pattern in your space, we have one for you. 




Mosaics have reinvented themselves through new styles in the world of interior design, from your classic white or black ‘nordic’ to your more organic-look ‘crystal’ tile. When achieving your desired house goals mosaics are perfect. They add that splash of wow-factor but keep your space neutral and sophisticated. 




Texture… One of the most underrated feature walls but one of our personal faves. The best part of a textured feature or tile is that there is a slim chance of overdoing it or cluttering your space. You don’t need to worry about a colour, pattern or laying style, it simply speaks for itself. Our ‘Flow Range’ is a flawless illustration of this, with its soft yet expressive textures. To add to the list of positives, textured surfaces are emphasised or minimised through light play, which, unlike other tile options, its potential is ever-evolving. 




Colour can be scary, intimidating and a little risky but… it can transform a space if it’s done properly. If you’re worried about your choice of colours being too overpowering or overwhelming, opting for a more natural finish is ideal. Our ‘Contemporary Range’ is the perfect balance between colourful, and natural. Its organic look softens the power of the colours. We are all aware that subway tiles are and have always been one of the most popular styles, however, adding colour with subways is a whole nother level. Using our ‘Look Avio’ to add that splash of colour is another way to minimise the risk of overpowering a space whilst creating a statement in your home. A colourful feature has the ability to brighten your space, create your go-to style or add that touch of YOU into your home. 

To spice up your space order our samples online or visit one of our Elegance stores.

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