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Bathroom Tiles that are so hot right now…

Bathroom Tiles that are so hot right now…

…you might need a shower to cool off

Pastel Tiles 


Pastel colour schemes are an instant hit when it comes to bathroom design. Using these softer tones allows you to subtly  incorporate colour into a space without overpowering the room. Pastel pinks are particularly popular at the moment. Especially when paired with whites for a pop of colour.


Handmade Look 


Handmade tile look is so popular right now. People love this style because it gives a sense of authenticity through design and can bring a sense of personality to an interior space. It is very on par with the ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ trend we are seeing throughout facets of life. 


Check out our favourite pastel & handmade look tiles below:

Finger Tiles 


Finger tiles have been a hero for design concepts since 2019 and continue to be used throughout domestic and commercial projects. White finger tiles are very ‘in’ at the moment with contemporary projects. It’s an effective alternative to using colour or texture to create a point of interest. We have seen some extraordinary uses of these tiles, especially for incorporating curved wall tiles into a space they can truly elevate your designs potential. 

Muted Terrazzo


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, terrazzo is always a good option!


You can’t go wrong with this speckled tile, they can create interest in contemporary spaces without choosing a block colour. Their origin goes back to traces back to the 18th century Venetian pavements and continue to be a signature look. An embrace of imperfection of this tile is how perfectly it compliments any space. 


Check out our variety of options available at Elegance Tiles.

Natural Stone Look


Nothing says sophistication more than using natural stone. This porcelain tiles look is a great way to embellish the home with characteristics of stone at the same time as creating a welcoming space in the presence of natural beauty. What we love about using natural stone look is the variety of ripples and veins you see across different faces of the products. Make sure you check out a few of our favourite recommendations below. 

Need More Inspiration? 


Check out our instagram @elegancetiles and website to see our full range of tiles. We have the right choice for everyone, and sizes, colours, styles and patterns to fit every project. Whether creating your dream bathroom, the perfect master bathroom or just need help picking specific tiles for your bathroom walls or bathroom floor tiles, we can help. 


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