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There is no denying that timber flooring adds charm and character to your home. Many homeowners utilise timber flooring as a way to give their property a more homely look and feel, which in turn, increases the property value. However, timber flooring does pose a few problems. Timber flooring is expensive, prone to wear and tear in high-traffic areas and requires regular upkeep.  Instead, consider timber look tiling, which offers the same quality look as wooden floor solutions without the hassle. If you want to refresh your space with timeless luxury for a cost-effective price, timber-look tiles are likely the perfect addition to your home or workspace. 



Choosing the right timber look tiles is essential for achieving the desired aesthetic and texture of your surface. The appropriate tiles mimic the appearance of natural wood while offering increased durability and resistance to wear and moisture.

Introducing Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles imitate the look and feel of natural wood hardwood floors, but most timber look tiles Melbourne are made from porcelain materials. Timber-look tiles often come in different colours and textures. Timber-look tiles are a beautiful flooring option that is eco-friendly, sustainable, easy to maintain, and versatile.

If you are looking to shop online for the best wood look tiles on the market, you’ll love Elegance Tiles’ extensive selection. We can help you to find the perfect timber-look tiles to suit your home and budget. Browse our website to discover designs suitable for kitchens and bathrooms and find the perfect fit for your house.

Our Product Range: Colours, Patterns and Sizes

Elegance Tiles stocks a wide range of Timber look tiles to suit your taste, style and budget. Our Aire and AT 200mm high tiles provide a range of natural timber hues and are perfect for replicating hardwood floors for a traditional look. Our Borealis planks, which measure 600mm by 600mm, provide an elegant patterned appearance, offering your space charm and sophistication with little effort. Shop the Borealis range in Donegal, Abisko and Inari white. If you are looking for a rustic, weathered look to suit a modern country interior theme, the Eco wood tiles are an excellent choice. Our timber-look tiles can suit any home’s theme and bring familiarity and warmth to your space. 

Choose Timber Look Tiles Instead of Traditional Timber Flooring


Durability is one of the most critical factors to consider when investing in a flooring option. When you choose quality flooring, you rarely have to think about it again. Timber-look tiles are an ultra-durable flooring option, naturally resistant to wear and tear scratches and stains. They don’t require regular maintenance like regular polishing or waxing; rather, they are durable without much care.

Aesthetic enchantment

As much as quality matters, we all know how significant style is when it comes to your home. It is paramount to feel happy about your home, where you feel relaxed and comfortable and where so many precious memories occur. Timber-look tiles effortlessly bring a warm and cosy feeling to your home without the disadvantages of real wood. 


Timber-look tiles come in a range of different colours, textures and sizes. They can easily be incorporated into various spaces in your home, providing versatility for interior design. Whether you are looking to make a statement in the kitchen or the bathroom, timber-look tiles can offer a stylish foundation. 


Timber look tiles are made from porcelain, making them naturally highly resistant to water damage. This means they are ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture is a concern. 


Wood-look tiles are the perfect solution if you are searching for an easy-to-maintain flooring option for your home or office. Cleaning and maintaining timber-look tiles is easy, as they don’t require special cleaning products; they can simply be cleaned with a mop or damp cloth. 


Real wood flooring can be quite expensive. Choose porcelain tiles with a timber look for a more affordable flooring option. If you want the look and feel of wood without the hefty price, choose wood-look tiles, saving yourself money and the hassle of maintaining a timber floor. 

If you are looking to buy wood look tiles online, shop our range and discover a colour and shape to suit your space. We pride ourselves on stocking high-quality designs to ensure all of our customers find their perfect fit. If you are worried about how a tile will look in your space, we offer the option of ordering samples. By ordering a sample you can try before you 

buy timber look tiles for your whole project, you can make sure that you will be satisfied with the end look. So for all your timber look tiles Melbourne wide, put your faith in Elegance Tiles. 


How durable are porcelain timber-look tiles?

Timber-look porcelain tiles are durable and sturdy. Maintaining or repairing these tiles once they have been appropriately installed is unnecessary. There is no better flooring option than timber look floor tiles, even in areas with heavy foot traffic. The porcelain material is of premium quality and is crafted to withstand daily use. 

Are timber look tiles water resistant?

Yes, they are. Unlike traditional timber floors, timber look tiles are water-resistant and perfect for rooms where moisture is a concern. 

Are timber look tiles affordable?

In comparison to wooden floors, timber look tiles are far more affordable. If you have any questions on how to save on your next project or prices for any of our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team, and we can help you find the best deal. 

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