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Kitchen Tiles that cook with Elegance Tiles

With the surge in popularity in celebrity chefs, cooking shows and open plan living, the kitchen has become the true heart of the modern home.

Colour me happy

There are as many ways to elevate a kitchen’s appearance as there are recipes in your Nonna’s pantry.

Add a splash of colour with a feature wall. Colours let you play with bold shapes, primaries and even gradients to achieve just the look you’re after. Besides giving your kitchen vibrancy and character, it’s also a fantastic way to flex your creativity!

Patterned magic

When in doubt, get the pattern out! Geometric compositions in monochrome tones are great for creating an amazing look with very little effort or risk.

Even if you’re just seeking to refresh a tired kitchen, the humble splashback can certainly inject life into your space with a minimum of fuss. So if you’re seeking to create, reimagine or renovate a kitchen for your home, talk to Elegance about our range of kitchen tiles – we’ll help you cook up something just right for you.

Tiles for everyone's taste
Now considered as much a site of entertainment as a place to prepare meals, it’s important to ensure that your kitchen not only reflects your taste, but also has been crafted to stand the test of time and use.
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Natural charm

Bring warmth to your space even when the oven is off with classic brick-look kitchen tiles – the ideal solution for anyone looking to add a little rustic authenticity to their kitchen. Look for tiles that offer a textured surface and realistic colour for best effect.

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