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Discover the elegance and sophistication of kit kat tiles, renowned for their long and thin appearance that effortlessly adds charm to any living space. Embraced by discerning designers and homeowners alike, kit kat tiles seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional and modern aesthetics, epitomising timeless allure.

These tiles have become increasingly popular in both residential and commercial settings across Australia, sought after for their refined look and versatility. With their fusion of contemporary and classic styles, these finger mosaic tiles are the perfect choice for your next design project.

Unleash the transformative power of our kit kat tile collection and bring an extra touch of refinement and style to any room. Whether adorning bathroom walls or enhancing kitchen splashbacks, kit kat tiles can make a bold statement or effortlessly harmonise with your existing design. Choose from a diverse range of colour palettes and textures to express your unique taste and vision.


Our collection showcases the marriage of exquisite craftsmanship and compelling design, offering exceptional statement pieces for your home’s interior. Crafted from durable ceramic or porcelain materials, kit kat tiles guarantee a timeless finish for your space.

Select from a spectrum of colours, ranging from crisp whites and soothing greys to rich charcoal hues, and a variety of finishes adding soft colours or a pronounced effect. We also provide kit kat tiles in different sizes to cater to both traditional and contemporary preferences.

Revitalise your bathroom oasis

Elevate your bathroom’s style and depth with the revolutionary impact of kit kat tiles. Create a captivating feature splashback, add some visual interest to small shower niches or explore the captivating possibilities of mixing and matching tiles for a layered, textured effect. With our extensive range of kit kat tiles, your bathroom walls and floors are poised for a remarkable new look.

Transform your outdoor sanctuary

Enliven your outdoor spaces—patios and gardens alike—with the distinctive touch of kit kat tiles. Upgrade your backyard into a private haven and indulge in everyday resort-style living. If you’re considering kit kat tiles for your outdoor space, our expert team can guide you in selecting the perfect option.

Benefits of Kit Kat Tiles

Choosing kit kat tiles for your home provides a range of advantages, including:

  • Unparalleled versatility, suitable for any room in your home
  • Exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting appeal
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Cost-effective compared to other tile options
  • Provide a unique and unmatched style for your living space

Why Choose Elegance Tiles?

Elegance Tiles stands as a premier destination for the finest kit kat tiles in Australia, offering the convenience of online shopping or the tactile experience of visiting our 13 stores across Victoria. Explore our extensive range of striking products and find the perfect match for your contemporary spaces.

With our online browsing feature, you can effortlessly plan your design ideas from the comfort of your home. If you prefer a hands-on approach, visit one of our stores and experience our commitment to providing superior products. As a leading retailer, we offer an excellent selection of kit kat tiles, catering to customers throughout Australia.

Try Before You Buy

Understanding the importance of finding the perfect tiles to bring your vision to life, we provide samples of our kit kat tile offerings. You can try our range and test colours within your home before making a final decision. Browse our latest products and order a few samples to ensure you select the ideal colours for your space before purchasing kit kat tiles for your project.

Transform Your Space with Elegance Tiles

If you’re searching for modern yet timeless floor or wall tiles to enhance your living space, look no further than Elegance Tiles. Offering durability, affordability, and a distinct aesthetic, kit kat tiles are the epitome of contemporary elegance for living areas, bathrooms, and the whole home. Shop with confidence, knowing that our kit kat tiles are sourced internationally from premium manufacturers, ensuring you get the best for your space. Embark on your journey toward a stylish new feature in your home by exploring our range of kit kat tiles today.

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