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From your living room to the smallest room in the house, when building or renovating it’s important to choose the right floor tiles. Picking your floor tile requires considering the amount of footfall you expect in that area and as such choosing an option that is low maintenance, long-lasting and easy to clean is ideal! Alongside functionality your floor tile should reflect the style and tone of the overall home. 

So Where Do I Start?

With so many factors to consider, and from 100’s and 100’s of tiles to choose from, making your flooring decision can seem extremely overwhelming! But don’t fret! We’re here to break down the steps to make the process simple so you can get just the tile you’re after.

Let’s take a look at the essential steps you need to consider before choosing floor tiles to buy.

Size Matters

Get the tape measure out, you’re going to need it! When tiling or re-tiling, your measurements are crucial. They will impact not only how many tiles you’ll need to order, but the dimensions will unveil what floor tile will best suit the size and shape of your room! Rule of thumb is larger tiles are best for creating depth in smaller spaces.

That being said no two homes are the same and everything will depend on the overall look you are after. Elegance Tiles has a great range of quality tiles for sale covering sizes and shapes small to large you can choose from.

Material Matters

When it comes to floor tiles, one of the most important features of porcelain tiles is they have far lower water absorption rate.  As such are the only option for your wet areas such as your bathroom shower, kitchen or laundry.

Colour That Speaks Volumes

Floor tiles are an extension of the personality of your home, and therefore speak to the feeling and mood you want your interiors to convey. The basics when it comes to colour are lighter tones will give smaller rooms a sense of extra space, while darker tones have a way of making larger rooms feel more personal. 

That being said, as we know in the world of design it is never this black and white. A great way to sign an interior touch or add an element of style is by choosing tiles with subtle colours throughout their patterns. 

Terrazzo tiles with a pop of colour are so popular especially in bathrooms at the moment, however soft Terrazzo’s such as the classic Pietra Lombarda are a very attractive option for a tile used throughout the home. 

If Terrazzo isn’t your style marble floor tiles are a great option for a sophisticated, grandeur look and will never date. Marble tiles are a great way to incorporate monochrome colours including white and grey pervade your home. 

Tiles That Make Sense For Your Home

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing floor tiles is what the intended space is used for. Is it likely to be a high traffic area? Do you have children or pets? 

When it comes to best flooring for dogs and foot traffic, tiles are leaps and bounds ahead of other options such as carpet, timber and vinyl. Tiles are durable, scratch resistant and easier to clean than most flooring options. 

When opting for gloss or matt, gloss is more reflective and therefore shows smears more visibly and quickly than matt, requiring more attention in keeping clean. As such it can be great for a bathroom, but not as ideal for entry into your home!

Whilst there are a lot of elements to consider – it’s best to think about now as you do not want to be kicking yourself for picking the wrong tile due to it’s high upkeep. The last thing anyone wants is to be constantly cleaning their gloss or textured tiles in the entry hall!

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There are endless options for your floor tiles and we are here to help! For unbeatable customer service visit our tile shops across Melbourne and Victoria. Our team can help customers with any project big or small, with suitable prices on floor, wall tiles and outdoor tiles.

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