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From your living room to the smallest room in the house, when building or renovating it’s important to choose floor tiles that not only reflect your vision and that complement your life, but that are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Starting out it may seem overwhelming. There are measurements to make, and endless colours to consider. And while it’s true that your floor tiles need a little forward planning, simply breaking down the steps can make it a whole lot easier to move ahead and get just the look you’re after.

Let’s take a look at the essential steps you should be considering when preparing for your floor tiles.

Size matters

Get the tape measure out, you’re going to need it! When tiling or re-tiling, your measurements are crucial. They will impact not only how many tiles you’ll need to order, the dimensions will deeply inform what type of floor tiles are suitable depending on their size and shape. Whatever look you’re aiming for, Elegance Tiles has a range covering most sizes large and small, in a variety of shapes.

In living colour

Your floor tiles really are an extension of your personality, and speak to the feeling and mood you want your interiors to convey. It’s the best opportunity to explore tiles of different shapes and cuts, but remember the basics: lighter colours will give smaller rooms a sense of extra space, while darker tones will help larger rooms feel more personal.

Tiles with purpose

Perhaps the most important consideration to make when choosing floor tiles is what the intended space is used for. Is it likely to be a high traffic area? Do you have children or pets? You’ll want to choose your tiles accordingly – the last thing you want is to be constantly cleaning your high gloss or textured tiles in the entry hall!

As you can see, with floor tiles your options are effectively endless. Explore some popular choices here, and check in with an Elegance Tiles expert today – we’ll help you give shape to your inspirations, so you can create the kind of interiors that make life a thing of effortless beauty!

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