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Tiles that are big on style

Elegance Tiles is delighted to announce the launch of Mega Slabs, a range of beautiful large format 2400 x 1200mm tiles suitable for internal and external walls and internal floors.

Tiles that are big on style

A Perfect Finish

High quality printing on superior material provides a range of ten lifelike finishes in marble, metal, stone and concrete.

Uninterrupted designs flowing over a larger area create a spectacular and more realistic appearance.

Beautiful & Tough

Mega Slabs are as durable as they are stylish. Their meticulous construction will withstand the rigours of most commercial or residential applications.

  • Household chemical resistant
  • Swimming pool salts resistant
  • Frost resistant
  • Crazing resistant
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Stain resistant Glass 4
  • Heat resistant
  • Dust mite and termite resistant
  • Suitable for heated slabs

Ultimate Versatility

There is virtually no limit to Mega Tiles’ applications. They are perfect for inside floors and walls and outdoor walls.

Internal Applications

Kitchen and bathroom counter tops, splash backs, vanities, heater surrounds, bed heads… let your imagination run free.

  • No sealing required
  • Only Basic maintenance
  • Wet and dry floors (in accordance with building standards)
  • Wet and dry walls

External Applications

Pool lining, outdoor furniture, wall cladding, barbecue splash-backs and counter tops. The sky is the limit and the weather is not a problem.

  • No sealing required
  • Only Basic maintenance
  • Wet and dry walls (where building codes permit)


Installation of Mega Slab tiles should be performed by a professional tiler, as the tools required are larger than those needed for regular sized tiles.

Explore the full range of Mega Slabs now to create your own stunning space.
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