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First Time Renovation Project With Crystal & Jackson

First Time Renovation Project With Crystal & Jackson

The Renovation Series: First Time Renovation Project With Crystal & Jackson

Crystal; a commercial property paralegal, and Jackson; a steel fixer/carpenter, have recently started their first renovation project. We spoke with them to ask about their experience with their bathroom renovation so far. 

Q: First Tell Us About Your Renovation Experience! 

A: This is our first major renovation project. We were lucky enough to purchase this house as young adults in our early 20s a few years back so we are fairly new to home renovations at our own house and although it can be stressful at times we find it’s very rewarding. 

Q: Walk Us Through The House Before The Renovation

A: It was a run down weatherboard home which was built in the early 1970s. It only ever had one owner prior to us purchasing and had never had any improvements done! Very poorly run down condition…still had the original carpet and curtains (and) there was a lot of brown and green going on. (W)e are still unsure what style you’d call that!

Q: Did You Have to Make Major Structural Changes to The Floor Plan?  

A: Yes we have completely changed the whole floor plan. Our open living was once bedrooms and our bedrooms are now located where the original dining room, laundry and decking were. We closed in the original decking which ran down the side of the house to make more bedroom space meaning we could have a larger open living/kitchen area. 

Our new bathroom is (where) the original kitchen was, and our original bathroom will now be part of our new kitchen space. We (did) this (to create an) open living feeling. We also wanted our open living area to go out onto an outdoor entertainment space with a large opening stacker door which we could only achieve by moving the bedrooms from the back of the house.


Source @makingrobertsonhome: Kitchen Before Renovating Into Main Bathroom


Q: How Is The Renovation Coming Along Now? 

A: Whilst our house is still under major renovations including currently not having a kitchen we love the feel our new bathroom brings! There really is no better feeling when you walk into a new bathroom. It feels very modern and elegant. It definitely brings a very calm and relaxing feeling and we love how everything flows, nothing feels out of place and nothing is cramped in! 


Source @makingrobertsonhome: Bathroom After Renovation 


Q: Which Tile Store Did You Go To and What Do You Love About The Tiles Chosen? 

A: We went to Elegance Tiles in Mitcham and they were fantastic! We visited many times and surprisingly left with different tiles each time till we made our final decision! They made the whole process seamless and the tiles came extremely quickly! 

We love the look of the Bianco Reef Matt tile for various reasons including the white/off white Matt look and the 600×600 large look leaving less grout lines. We love how the Matt Subway Tile isn’t your typical subway size and is longer & wider, and also having the subway tiled vertically and uninformed which we really loved! Taking a very known tile and having it tiled the way we did making it a stand out as a feature wall of the bathroom! It’s definitely a hit with everyone who has seen it! We also loved that both choices of our tiles were a Matt finish. The finish of a Matt tile really makes the tile what it is! It visually looks amazing! We ultimately love having those little features that are a little different from your typical renovated bathroom you see, whether it be having a Matt finish everywhere, our tiles and tapware in the shower positioned vertically instead of horizontal and even the curved shower glass! We think we executed that very well, especially being our first major project!


Source @makingrobertsonhome: Bathroom After Renovation 


Thanks to Crystal and Jackson for sharing their experience using Elegance Tiles with us! You can follow them on Instagram @makingrobersonhome to see their master bathroom renovation and the rest of their home rebuild over the coming months! 

Wanting to Buy Tiles Mitcham Or Use Elegance Tile For Upcoming Bathroom Remodel?  

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