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Make an Impact with Wall Tiles

Make an Impact with Wall Tiles

Never underestimate the importance and impact of wall tiles in your space. Whether you want to add that POP of colour, a touch of texture, or a unique finish, the following tips, tricks, and tiles will prepare you for your next transformation. 


Everybody loves a little colour in their life. Whether you invest in some colourful kitchenware or you opt for brighter clothing, a little colour can brighten anyone’s day. What if we told you that you could create a colourful experience in your home that is permanent yet timeless? Contemporary, our Spanish-made new arrival is a matt and minimalistic range. Coming in eight diverse yet organic colours, this tile will convert your space in the most positive way possible by adding a burst of colour without being too vibrant. 

Available in two on-trend pink shades perfect for a bathroom feature, as well as Aqua Sea and Bluestone, our two soft blues, this range will undoubtedly deliver the wow factor you’re looking for. 



Dreaming of a Grecian getaway, or a Byron Bay break? Our Spanish-made Flow series will make you feel like you’re on a holiday at all times. Our Flow series comes in three light, neutral tones with a brushed concrete finish as well as a geometric prism decorator.
This subtle yet effective range will add a touch of coastal heaven to your space, whilst creating a relaxed feel in your home. 

This effortless series uses light play to showcase its unique textures throughout the entirety of the tile. Our Flow Mist Matt could spruce up your kitchen splashback, whilst our Flow White Prism will add the perfect amount of texture under your living room lights.


It can be a little difficult to find a tile that enhances your space and adds a unique touch. If you want to create a classy look in your home with a little edge, our new Look series will do just that. 

Coming soon in seven organic shades with an eye-catching gloss finish, the Look series is a show-stopping range. Each tile in the series features a high gloss, imperfect surface with variations in colour and patterning. Available in a vast range of shades from neutral classics to bright hues like Ocra, Avio, Blu and Oliva, the Look series has something for everyone. Perfect if you desire a touch of handmade heaven for your home.

Enjoyed getting some inspiration for your next project? Keep an eye out for more tips, tricks and new tiles coming in the near future. Be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook to get that little more inspired by us every day! And if you’re already on your tile journey, we’re still shipping 6 samples for $6 straight to your doorstep to help you pick the perfect tile!

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