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Keep Your Tiles Toasty Warm with Underfloor Heating

Keep Your Tiles Toasty Warm with Underfloor Heating

There really is nothing more bracing than stepping foot onto bathroom tiles on a cold winter morning! If hopping onto freezing tiles is enough to make you dread early morning showers, no matter how steaming hot, perhaps it’s time to consider underfloor heating.

In terms of winter-proofing a space, underfloor heating is the way to go in our books. So, if you’re feeling the chill this winter and planning a bit of a bathroom overhaul, now would be the time to consider options that will ensure your space remains comfortable and toasty warm.

Install with Ease Whether Renovating or Building

Making a bathroom winter-proof isn’t always the first thing on your mind when planning a renovation. But, if you want to keep those toes toasty warm, consider heating your space with underfloor electric heating before you tile. We’ve partnered with Livella to offer a quality underfloor heating system that is easy and efficient to install both in new homes and renovations.

Underfloor Heating: Luxe, but Worth the Investment

Underfloor heating is a popular and worthwhile investment for bathroom renovators and builders alike. It provides an economically efficient and supremely comfortable way to heat your home. The underfloor electric heating system available at Elegance Tiles is completely silent, maintenance-free and generates a gentle, even heat that feels just like natural sunshine. It’s a great way to warm a space, not to mention pleasant to walk on!

Comfy, Cosy and Easy to Control

Livella electric underfloor heating can be installed on-slab or in-slab depending on your needs. On-slab heating cables can be fixed to concrete, cement sheeting, waterproof membranes, on existing tiles, and in screed. For new projects, Livella in-slab heating systems are a fantastic and economical choice when heating large areas or where heat is needed for long uninterrupted periods. This system is embedded directly into the concrete slab, integrated as a permanent feature of the home.

Both systems are fully automated, matched with a programmable thermostat that allows temperatures and routines to be programmed to suit your needs. This ensures energy is used only when it’s needed, making it affordable to run too!

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