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Designer Tiles to Create Ultimate Luxury in Your Home

Designer Tiles to Create Ultimate Luxury in Your Home

Whether you are building the home of your dreams, looking to maximise the impact of your renovation or wanting to make small upgrades to your house – tiles can truly transform any style of home and take your design capabilities to the next level. 


With so many tiles to choose from; interior style inspired by the latest trends or keeping with the traditional, there is unlimited potential to create divine spaces which demand everyone’s attention. So how can you create a perfect pamper palace in your own home? 


Here are a few designer look tiles we recommend to get your space looking and feeling that extra bit lavish.

Image Source: Elegance Tiles Medicia Marble White Polished


Marble Tiles 


Marble is synonymous with luxury and extravagance. Marble tile look is recognised for its distinct veining which replicates the veining of minerals that crystallize in natural rock of actual marble. 


It is these features which make marble very desirable in enhancing the luxe factor of any space. In the world of interior design, marble is a timeless beauty and one of the most popular materials used. 


With an extensive range of options to choose from, there’s a marble to suit any home style. From the old world gold and beige of Oro Bianco to the modernised black and white Medicia Marble or the ever so classic Statuarietto, you can find a choice for your desired look. 

Image Source: Elegance Tiles Icon Metal Redox Brown Matt

Large Format Porcelain 


Slabs are the perfect statement tile. No longer are these large format tiles reserved for high end commercial projects. With options suitable for the residential space, slabs are becoming more and more apparent in homes. 


The main appeal of these dramatic statement pieces are the minimal grout lines. Less grout lines mean there is less maintenance in keeping your tiles clean. Less scrubbing at stains in the bathrooms or the kitchen backsplash and more time enjoying these spaces in full.


Slabs achieve a desired level of luxury with their seamless look, various patterns and colours. They have the potential to create a luxury wallpaper effect. 


Elegance Tiles has a wide range of different slabs ranging from textured tile look to rustic matt and more. 

Image Source: Elegance Tiles Dobraduras


3D Texture Ceramic Walls 


Incorporating a multidimensional element such as 3D wall tiles is a great way to add elegance to any space. 3D wall tiles evoke a sense of modern day luxury. With intriguing patterns and reliefs, 3D tiles achieve that sculptured look and add dimension. 


The best thing about 3D wall tiles is they can be used throughout a variety of home spaces – from living areas, to the bathroom, kitchen and beyond. They add layers and create a unique point of interest with various shapes and sizes to choose from. 


Elegance Tiles has a broad variety of 3D wall tiles including the soft textured Kalahari, and the distinct, unique patterned Dobraduras

Image Source: Elegance Tiles Mineral Salt


Natural Stone Look


Nothing screams extravagance more than natural beauty. It is a reminder of the magnificence of the creations of mother nature in a truly impactful way. 


Natural stone and rock has been a major influence in the construction industry for centuries. They have a classic beauty yet can be modernised and adaptable to various home styles. They become a focal piece to any space, timeless as they are durable. 


Elegance Tiles has one of the largest ranges of natural stone look tiles, from the glacier effect of Dimensions Light Grey Polished, to the rock of Mineral Coal and the crystallised effect of Precious Bone Matt – there are ample options to create a refined space with these tiles! 

Image Source: Elegance Tiles Flow White Prism Matt


Need More Help With Tile Selection For Your Project? 


Elegance Tiles has a diverse range of quality porcelain and ceramic wall and floor tiles. From marble to natural stone look, wood tiles, mosaic tiles and more. 


Elegance Tiles has designer tiles for any brief and style of home. For expert assistance on picking floors and wall tiles on  budget make sure you head to your closest store or email us at enquiries@elegancetiles.com.au for any questions. 


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