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Meet 2018’s Trendy Tiles

We love staying up to date with tile trends, and with a new year comes a whole new crop of novel and exciting layouts, colours and treatments for tiles.

Meet 2018’s Trendy Tiles

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite tile-centric trends that we believe will be dominating renovations in 2018. They’re sure to give you a few ideas to get your creativity humming, so let’s take a peek!

Modern Terracotta Tiles

The beautiful vintage aesthetic of terracotta tiles is making a comeback in 2018. Characterised by warm, earthy hues, it is the perfect style to use in any space to create a very homely and inviting feel.

Terracotta tiles were very popular in 1970’s interior design, however, the modern take on this style incorporates darker tones, creating a burnt-look effect, which takes terracotta from kitschy to cutting edge.

To achieve this look, we recommend our Studio Terracotta tile.


Patterned Tiles

In the past few years, we’ve seen tiles become minimal and classic, however, patterned tiles are kicking that trend to the curb! While patterned tiles never really left, they are boldly defining what we will be seeing in 2018.

If you love this trend but aren’t quite sure how to fit them into your home design, check out our new Art range and our guide to using them in your home.

Seamless Indoor to Outdoor Living

If 2018 is the year you’re looking to makeover your whole house (including garden patio), then this is the trend for you! Use the same floor tiles (and even wall tiles if you’re feeling adventurous) at the same height over indoor and outdoor spaces to create a perfectly harmonious open living and entertaining area.

Tiles are the perfect option for this trend, as they are weatherproof and easy to clean.


Bespoke Layouts

Combining tiles of different shapes and colours creates an interesting tile-scape that is completely unique to the space. This can also be achieved by laying tiles in an untraditional way, such as vertical or herringbone subway tiles.

If you’re looking to give your traditionally tiled areas (such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries) a new lease on life, this is definitely the trend for you.

However, laying unusual tile patterns takes a high level of skill, so make sure to talk with the experts at your local store before you tackle bespoke layouts like the below.


And there you have it – our crystal ball for all things tile in 2018!

Do you have something special in mind for your interiors or outdoor spaces this year? We’re always here to lend a hand.

Get in touch, and let our experts share their insights with you to help you explore all the options with ease, confidence… and of course, elegance.

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