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Concrete-look tiles offer your space a minimalist urban aesthetic at a fraction of the cost of concrete tiles. Crafted from porcelain tile, our low-maintenance, long-lasting concrete-look tiles effortlessly blend with various styles while still making a bold statement. Ideal for floors, walls or outdoor areas, these versatile tiles can enhance any space.

Whether you’re revamping your entire living space, adding concrete-look tiles to your outdoor area for a fresh ambience, or infusing your floors with a dash of raw beauty, our extensive collection ensures the perfect choice for your home. At Elegance Tiles, we take pride in offering a robust concrete-look collection of floor tiles and wall tiles to suit every taste and design.


Here at Elegance Tiles, we can help you to find the best cement look tiles for your home. Our wide selection of shades and sizes caters to every space and style, from urban industrial to minimalistic chic. Choose from various colours, including lighter shades for a bright and airy atmosphere, classic concrete for an industrial feel, or darker shades for a sleek, modern statement. 

Our larger concrete tiles provide a seamless, uninterrupted appearance, while our smaller tiles offer a more textured look. Opt for a polished, high gloss finish for a luxurious touch, or a matte finish for a subtle, textured style.  

Revitalise your space with the contemporary concrete look while enjoying the benefits of moisture-resistant, durable porcelain tiling. Shop our concrete tile offerings to create the space of your dreams, starting with the perfect tiles. 

The perfect fit for every space in your home

Infuse your home with the raw, natural beauty of polished concrete-look tiles. Our premium collection of tiles is suitable for a wide range of applications, effortlessly elevating your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, living areas and outdoor patios and pool areas. Boasting superior durability, our concrete-look tiles can withstand heavy traffic—a perfect option for both residential and commercial applications, especially in busy communal areas. So whether you want to add a statement wall in your bathroom or tile an entire floor, we have a range of colours and styles available to ensure you find the perfect fit for your home.

Why shop with Elegance Tiles?

Discover the impeccable collection of concrete-look tiles at Elegance Tiles. Sourcing our tiles from the best manufacturers worldwide—across Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, and the United Arab Emirates—we ensure that you are presented with only the finest selections. 

Experience our premium shopping service and explore our concrete look tiles online or visit us in-store to view our diverse range in person. With 13 stores across Victoria, we are a leading retailer of high-quality tile products and concrete-look tiles Melbourne-wide.


Are concrete-look tiles affordable?

Yes, concrete look tiles are generally more affordable than actual cement flooring, making them a cost-effective choice for your home. However, costs will vary depending on the specific tile selected and the size of the surface being covered.

Are concrete-look tiles slippery?

The slip-resistance of concrete-look porcelain depends on the finish and texture. While some tiles may have a polished or glossy finish that can be slippery when wet, others feature a matte finish that offers better traction. For places that are susceptible to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, it’s vital to choose a flooring option with a matte or lappato texture. Similarly, for outdoor locations, it’s essential to pick a slip-resistant surface. Our friendly team is available to help you choose the best non-slip, non-porous concrete-look tile options for your space.

Can concrete-look tiles be used for outdoor areas?

Yes, concrete look tiles make an excellent choice for enhancing outdoor areas such as gardens, patios or poolside spaces. However, it is crucial to select tiles with a slip-resistant surface.

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