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Given the rise in alfresco entertaining and outdoor living spaces over the last few years, if a patio or similar space isn’t on your to-do list… well, it should be!

And that means you’re going to need pavers.

With the variety of styles, colours and sizes – even textures – on offer, outdoor porcelain pavers present an incredible range of possibilities to play with. Better still, with Elegance Tiles there are options for almost any taste and budget.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share some great ways you can use porcelain pavers to create something marvellous in your yard or outdoor areas. Let’s take a look!


If you have a larger property then porcelain pavers can help you really connect different areas across your outdoor spaces, as well as provide a natural flow and order. Plus, regardless of what material you choose, they’ll look amazing.


An ideal solution for around the pool, porcelain pavers are a great way to demarcate a lounge area, or as an end-to-end frame around your pool’s edges. In the latter case, make sure you choose a paver that offers a good degree of grip for extra safety.

Something different

Outdoor porcelain pavers match very well with wood. So if you’ve got a little bit of decking, you can make two worlds meet to create a bit of elemental appeal. Pair your paving with Timber Look Tiles for long-lasting exterior charm.

Mix it up

One of the most striking ways you can use tiles is with random placement. Sure, symmetry has its own appeal, but thinking outside the square with pavers can result in a truly standout space for your yard or gardens that will wow your guests.

A place for patterns

Porcelain pavers are amazing for use in outdoor flooring, such as for an outdoor lounge or around a firepit. Play with colours, sizes, tones and layouts to achieve a nice complementary appearance to define your chosen area.

With all their endless potential, porcelain pavers are sure to enable a solution that will satisfy. Once you have something in mind, visit your nearest Elegance Tiles store and explore our range. We’re always on hand to assist with your passion paver projects, whatever shape they take!

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