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Tile Furniture? The Finishing Touch Your Home Needs!

Think bold with home furniture built from designer tiles

Tile Furniture? The Finishing Touch Your Home Needs!

Tiles can be used for more than just walls and floors. At Elegance Ties we love seeing our clients branch out and use tiles in a more creative and impactful way around their homes.

Not only do tiles offer a hardwearing material for furniture, they are far less susceptible to water and weather damage, scratches or rust – making them the perfect addition to seaside and busy, family homes.

Tile furniture can also add a touch of seamlessness to your room design. Rather than investing in custom storage or designer accessories, tiles can offer a more uniform and cost effective alternative.

Achieving the look for yourself

But how do you make the leap from floors and walls to something more? Here are our top tile furniture tips:

  1. Be sure that the foundations of your furniture are made of strong materials and waterproofed when necessary. Setting your structure up correctly will ensure it withstands a longer life and can adequately hold the weight of your tile choice.
  2. Invest in a good tile cutter. Clean, precise edges are essential when designing your own furniture with tiles and the quality of these cuts will lift your design from DIY to expert level. Be sure to practice before cutting your own tiles, or pay a professional.
  3. Less is more. Try using only one or two tile types in your design; you will want the structure to make an impact for the best reasons and keeping designs simple will work best for this.
  4. Choose your location with care. Tile structures can be heavy to move around, so either choose an inbuilt structure (such as shelving or a wall basin) or measure and plan your furniture’s location before you begin building.

Our friendly team of tile experts will be more than happy to help you with your next project. Simply book a consultation in store.

Need some inspiration? Here are some past projects to get your started!


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