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Tile Basics: Understanding Tile Ratings

What makes a tile the best choice for your room?

Tile Basics: Understanding Tile Ratings

Any homeowner who has attempted to redesign their bathroom or kitchen can attest; selecting tiles can be a confusing and daunting task. Not only do you need to consider trends, colours and ordering the correct amount, but you must also have a grasp of the tile material to ensure you select the correct type of tile for your surface.

At Elegance Tiles, we already know the ‘ins and outs’ of which tiles are best suited to different surfaces, so we’ve pulled together a quick and easy guide to share our tile knowledge with our loyal customers.

Tile Wear Rating

This is the class given to a tile in regards to how susceptible it is to abrasion and daily wear and tear. Factors that influence these ratings are the strength and density of the material used in the tile and how much ‘foot traffic’ abrasion it is capable of handling.

There are six wear resistance groups based on abrasion levels:

  • Class 0: Not recommended for floors (best used for decorative surfaces and walls)
  • Class 1: Low traffic and not exposed to abrasion
  • Class 2: Appropriate for everyday living
  • Class 3: Medium to high traffic with normal footwear
  • Class 4: Commercial areas with high traffic
  • Class 5: Extremely high traffic areas or industrial areas

Water Absorption Rate

Yes, tiles absorb water too! While they can be the perfect material to lay on floors and walls in wet areas, each tile material has a different water absorption rate. Any glazed or unglazed tiles that have an absorption rate of 3% or higher won’t be unsuitable for indoor wet areas or outdoor use.

Working hand in hand with water absorption rate, is stain resistance. Any tile with a sealant or a low water absorption rate will be easier to clean and have a higher stain resistance.

Slip and Anti Slip

There are two types of tiles in the world, slip and anti-slip. If you’re installing tiles in a wet area or a location that will be exposed to moisture, you need to increase the ‘anti-slip’ resistance of your tile choice. This means a rough or textured surface or a specialty coating that is applied to the top of the tile, increasing the resistance when the tile is wet. At Elegance Tiles, our friendly showroom staff can help you find an anti-slip option for almost any tile choice.

Weight Strength

How much weight can your tiles endure? That depends on the thickness of the tile. When needing a stronger grade tile for industrial and commercial space, it’s important to use a tile that can withstand a high-load capacity, these are tiles with a high bend strength and compression as they distribute load shock better throughout the tile.

With the tile basics down pat, your tile selection process can be an easier, quicker and less stressful process when renovating or building.

For more expert advice, book an appointment with our Elegance Tiles experts, they can lead you through our wide range of products and find the perfect fit for your area.

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