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The Four Standout Tile Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of In 2021

The Four Standout Tile Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of In 2021

2021 has been nothing short of exciting within the world of design. So far this year we have seen block colours make a splash, organic and comfortable spaces dominate, Art Deco and even sculptured tiles return to the mix!

Here are a few of our favourite tile trends so far: 


1. Muted and Bold Terrazzo


We are so excited to see Terrazzo’s recurrent surge in popularity. What we love about this tile is the variety and versatility of styles. From condensed, softened textures for a timeless look, to more eclectic and bold speckles to create effortless style. This tile has unlimited potential and it’s no wonder it continues to be an all-round favourite. We love our ever so stylish Pietra Lombarda available at $92.95/m2 (900x900mm) which ties in so perfectly to this trend.

Image Source: Mandarin Store 

Image Source: Pietra Lombarda From Senbuilt (@senbuilt) 


2. Natural & Organic Tiles


Over the past year we have seen a massive shift away from dramatic and deluxe interiors to softer, neutral spaces to achieve more of a cosy space. With this there has been greater use of natural, warm materials such as wood and organic shapes to achieve a sense of comfort. Matt tiles are especially popular to achieve this look and feel. Our gorgeous Travertine Ivory Matt at $36.95 per piece (600x600mm) or Avorio Di Brescia Bold Matt $35.95/m2 (300x600mm) are just two examples of tiles you can find at our bathroom tiles Melbourne stores to achieve this look. Link 

Image Source: Stitchu 


3. Earthy Tones 


Earth inspired colours including terracotta, tan and beige are a timeless appeal which are gaining so much popularity.  Many designers have been gravitating towards these colours and even jewel inspired earth colours including emerald green and sapphire when creating spaces. They can bring a sense of vibrance, elegance or even a rustic feel to a space. The below images use our Studio Terracotta Matt $82.95/m2 (300x600mm) and our Look Oliva Gloss $98.90/m2 (60x240mm); two vastly different tiles which can achieve two unique looks. 


Image Source: Studio Terracotta from Elegance Tiles Range 

Image Source: Look Oliva Gloss from Elegance Tiles Range  


4. Subtle Textures 


Finally, textured tiles are a very hot choice right now! When wanting to achieve more organic, mellow spaces there’s been a real focus on incorporating curves and rounded edges rather than sharp lines. With this we are seeing more interest in imperfect, naturally flawed rougher textures as an embrace of the natural world. Ceramic tiles with soft sculpting are a design we will continue to keep an eye out for! Our below image of the Shale Moon Ribbed Matt $109.95/m2 (300x600mm)  is a classic and subtle incorporation of line textures and contrastingly the Flow White Prism Matt $92.50/m2 (333x1000mm) including delicate geometric patterns is a great way to incorporate textural features into a space. 

Image Source: Ribbed Shale Moon from Elegance Tiles Range

Image Source: Flow White Prism Matt from Elegance Tiles Range


We hope you love these trends as much as we do. For any assistance picking tiles for your next renovation/build make sure you head to our Elegance Tile Shops Melbourne or have a look at our website to buy tiles online

We have stores across Victoria from tiles Ballarat, to tiles Dandenong and even tiles Geelong!

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