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The Art of Distraction: One Quick Trick to Transform Your Kitchen

How turning your attention to a splashback makeover can save you time and money.

The Art of Distraction: One Quick Trick to Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchens. They’re the heart of the home, but expensive to remodel. With appliances, plumbing and cabinetry all combined, a quick (and affordable) renovation makeover can seem impossible. But what if there was a way to refresh your kitchen with minimal effort or expense?

Look no further than the humble kitchen splashback.

Fresh clean tiles and grout have the ability to refresh a wall and give a kitchen a ‘renovated’ feel without large amount of effort or money. If you’re looking to sell your house, investing in a splashback makeover may add value to your home, without the hefty expenditure.

Our top tips for elevating your kitchen splashback makeover:

  1. If you’re making your splashback the hero of your kitchen, ensure your floor tiles, cabinetry and benchtops all compliment it, not compete with it. If you’re choosing a striking wall tile, this will draw the eye upward so ensure other areas of your kitchen don’t cause a conflict or make too much of a statement. Visitors won’t know where to look and your kitchen may feel too chaotic.
  2. Don’t choose white wall tiles if your kitchen cabinetry is discolored or faded. This will draw more attention to the outdated kitchen rather than away from it. If you’re sold on white, give your cabinetry doors a quick coat of paint to refresh them or opt for a darker shade.
  3. If you’re tiling around light switches, update the coverings in the process. Yellowed electricity points are a dead giveaway of a cheap renovation!

Need a little more inspiration? Here are three examples of how you can celebrate your kitchen splashback.

The Light and Bright

Subway tiles

There’s nothing quite like fresh white subway tiles in the kitchen. Whether you match white grout of contrast it with black to make the tiles ‘pop’, Subway Tiles are an affordable and crowd pleasing investment. Create this patterned look with our Liverpool Tiles in White Gloss or Matte (also available 9 other colours if you’re feeling extra daring!)

Colour Me Happy

Love a splash of colour? Create a feature wall in your kitchen with a selection of colourful wall tiles. These geometric tiles not only offer a chance to flex your creativity, but also distract people away from plain or outdated cabinetry. Create this look with our Portobello Chez Moi tiles, available in 11 different colours.

Rustic Charmer


These brick tiles offer an ideal solution for anyone looking to add a little rustic authenticity to their kitchen. These tiles offer a textured surface with realistic colour depth. Create this look with our Luton Ash Tiles.

The Patternmaker

If there is one way to draw the eye to a splashback; it’s with pattern! These geometric tiles are the perfect, monochrome option for adding flair with minimal risk. Recreate this look with our Portobello Ampla tiles, or get a bit more inspiration on our recent blog post here.

Looking for more inspiration? We have a whole webpage dedicated to that!

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