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Our Tile Recommendations For Your Kitchen Splashback

Our Tile Recommendations For Your Kitchen Splashback

Image Source: @___rainmain___ using our Toki Algadao gloss

It comes at no surprise the centre of the home is the kitchen, the space where friends and family share meals or a glass together – it’s the heart of any home! As such one of the main considerations before choosing your materials for your kitchen is harmonising functionality and style. 

Choosing Your Kitchen Splashback; Tiles for Balanced Style and Functionality 

One of the many decisions you’ll make in your kitchen is the choice of kitchen splashback. Choosing the right splashback is important to protect the wall from cooking oils and liquids, but also to tie into the overall style of the home. Choosing tiles is a great option as not only are they durable and easy to clean but they can add an attractive stylish element. Other materials such as acrylic or laminate can be a lot more difficult to clean, are higher maintenance and do not have as many stylish options.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles for an Affordable, Durable Kitchen Wall Splashback 

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are the most popular material for kitchen splashbacks. Ceramics are a great option with many benefits including they are moisture-resistant, easy to wipe down, hygienic, durable and there are plenty of different designs making style options limitless! 

Elegance Tiles has a wide variety of ceramics perfect for kitchen splashbacks. For subway tiles check out our Matterhorn White Gloss (100×300), we also have beautiful square options including the organic Alps White Matt 152x152mm or our Toki Algodao Gloss 155×155. 

Porcelain is also an excellent option with a multitude of benefits. Porcelain is known for being an extremely durable tile as it is dense and impact resistant meaning it does not scratch or chip easily. They are also non-porous so are perfect as a splashback as they don’t get oil or liquid food stains from the cooker spit. 

Elegance Tiles has a variety of affordable options perfect for a splashback including our kitkats Nordic White Matt (284x295mm) or Crystal Moon Gloss (295x284mm). Other great options include our Contemporary Forest Matt 150x150mm and for a larger tile Medicia Marble White Polished 1200×2400. 



Image Source: @coombs.hill using our Contemporary Forest Matt

What Size, Colours and Styles Would Best Suit Your Kitchen Walls

Choosing the right tiles not only comes down to price, but the way in which you want your space to feel. If you have a smaller kitchen, larger tiles can make the space feel bigger as less grout lines and tiles will reduce the feeling of clutteredness. Larger tiles are also a great option when wanting a backsplash across the kitchen and not just above the stove. Mega slabs such as our Calacatta Africa Polished are a great size for this type of kitchen. 

Comparatively a mosaic backsplash tiles in a medium to larger kitchen can be a design feature and a focal point of interest which can tie in the rest of the house including the laundry, bathroom vanity backsplash. 

Determining your tile colours can also come from assessing what style and colours pervade other rooms in the house including the laundry and bathroom. Making sure it compliments the floor tiles or flooring to create a flow across the room.


Image Source: Our Medicia Marble White Polished – 1200×2400 1200 x 2400mm

Consider Your Kitchen Design Elements – What Kitchen Wall Tiles Will Best Suite Your Kitchen Cabinetry?  

The best part about picking your splashback tiles is its one of the last steps in the kitchen renovation. So this gives you a great opportunity to reassess the space and decide what splashback would best compliment your built in cabinetry and benchtop. Consider whether you want the splashback to neutrally compliment the benchtop and cabinets subtly, or if you want it to be a defining feature of the kitchen. 



Image Source: @thewattlewoodproject using our Crystal Moon Gloss

Finally And Most Importantly, How Will Your Tile Function In Your Kitchen 

Aesthetic details aside, functionality of the tile is so important to get right. A few of our top tips before choosing your tile are 

  1. Don’t choose something too textured, opt for a smoother finish to avoid high maintenance cleaning
  1. Balance aesthetics and performance as much as you can 
  2. Don’t choose a grid mosaic tile if your cooker spits everywhere, the more grout lines = harder to clean
  3. Choosing a surface such as a slab is a great choice as there are less joins. A slab with continuous lines or veins can also be a huge aesthetic win 


Image Source: @cjkc.build using classic white subway

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