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Marvellous Mosaics: Creating the Ultimate WOW Factor

Marvellous Mosaics: Creating the Ultimate WOW Factor

When it comes to creating wow factor, mosaic tiles have long been a go-to. Offering high visual impact, mosaic tiles are perfect to create ultra-stylish feature walls and floors in both interior and exterior spaces. Mosaics instantly create an interesting focal point in any room, adding an element of texture and pattern that can be quite captivating! Whether a breathtaking and colourful glass mosaic blend, feature panel or geometric pattern, mosaics suit a vast range of design styles.

Usually, mosaics are made up of a small series of shaped tiles glued onto a large sheet for ease of installation. There are many tactile and stylish materials to choose from in the Elegance Tiles range, from highly durable glass mosaics to porcelain or ceramic tiles, natural stone and luxurious metallic finishes. So, if it’s wow factor you’re after for your next project, we have got you covered!

Make your bathroom sing

If your bathroom is looking a little lacklustre, a mosaic tile could be just the ticket to take your space from blah to brilliant! Opt for a modern style with our brand new Crystal gloss stick mosaic range. This tile is very on-trend and comes in five stunning colours, perfect if you prefer to keep things neutral or inject a pop of colour.

Mosaic tiles are great to install at your bathroom vanity to act as a stunning backdrop. Or, you can opt to create a luxurious feature wall in your shower or a behind your freestanding bathtub for maximum impact in your bathroom renovation.

Instant wow factor

Not only a great way to add character and personality to your bathroom, mosaic tiles also lend themselves perfectly to other areas around the house. Think kitchens, laundries and even outdoor spaces. Our England Silver Picket Mosaic looks fabulous as a laundry splashback. The Cube Black Mix Glossy Mosaic would make a striking kitchen splashback or act as a beautiful dramatic touch behind your island bench. And if you’re looking to upgrade your poolside area ready for summer, you might consider the luxurious Crystal Pacific Gloss tile, a striking new addition to the Elegance Tiles range.

No matter your style, mosaic tiles can be used in just about every area of the home to create a spectacular design feature that is truly unique. From their use as a wall and floor tile in indoor spaces to the creation of external feature walls, pool tiles and pool surrounds, mosaic tiles provide a sure-fire way to create the ultimate wow factor in every project. Speak to a specialist at your local Elegance Tiles store for the best product advice and to find a mosaic that suits your space and application.

Shop mosaic tiles available at Elegance Tiles online or visit your local store to view the range in person.

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