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Make Tile Selection Easy – Go Monochrome

Haven’t got time to go through numerous patterns and colours and choose what matches what?

Make Tile Selection Easy – Go Monochrome

Well, you could simply just choose the same range of tiles! Sure, you may feel limited using one colour at the start. But by introducing various sizes, shades or finishes, you can still create an elegant and sophisticated look with monochrome tiles in your chosen range.

A major advantage of sticking with the same range is that you have a simple canvas to expand on. You’ll have more fun decorating your space, and the process of selecting furniture and interior décor will be much more enjoyable.

Why? Because you can allow yourself to have so much more colour, pattern and material to play and accessorise with, and few restrictions on your approach due to having created a space with neutral base tones. This also allows you to stick with the trends. Instead of renovating your bathroom every time a new trend is created, you can simply just change the décor. Now that’s versatile!


Stone Pit Range

Our Stone Pit Range is perfect for this. With three shades, two sizes & two finishes the Stone Pit Range can be used on floors, walls & outdoors.

This earthy bathroom aesthetic has been achieved using our Stone Pit Sunrise for the floors, paired with ourStone Pit Sunrise 86×350 on the walls as a feature.



Carrara Bianco Range

Our Bianco Carrara Range is another great tile to create that trendy monochromatic effect with. This luxurious range comes in six sizes, three finishes & two decorative tiles.

This stunning bathroom features our Bianco Carrara Polished tile our Mos Bianco Carrara wall tile.


Highline Range

Another striking range incorporating a subtle pattern is our Highline Range. This luxe range comes in three colours, three sizes and can be used in so many different ways.

This stylish bathroom features our Broadway on the walls as well as Broadway 300×600 on the floors.

See? It’s easier than you might think to create stunning effects with our tiles, even by just sticking to a single range.

Elegance Tiles has thousands of tiles for you to explore, each range unique in their own way. Just talk to one of our tile experts today or visit your nearest Elegance Tiles showroom!

Because whatever the look you’re after, we would love to help. Happy tiling!

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