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Decking Looking Drab? This is for You.

5 reasons you need to refresh your outdoor area with wood-look tiles

Decking Looking Drab? This is for You.

Long gone are the days of rotting deck wood in winter and splinters in summer. Outdoor decking has taken a giant leap forward and it’s benefiting both the homeowners and property value.

At Elegance Tiles, we proudly stock a wide range of wood-look tiles that are both long lasting and realistic in appearance. These tiles are a hard-wearing alternative to wooden planks but can still offer the texture, depth and colour varieties of their predecessors.

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So why should you refresh your outdoor decking with tiles?

  1. Tiles don’t wear out
    Tiles have a longer lifespan than traditional wood flooring, especially when they are outside, enduring the harsh elements. Where wood can wear with regular foot traffic, and require chemical sealants to help extend their lifespan, tiles arrive pre conditioned and ready to install.
  2. They pay off in the long term
    While tiles can be more costly to initially install than wood decking, they are far more durable and low maintenance than wood decking throughout their lifespan. You won’t need to sand, refinish or reseal any of the tiles, and they can be faster to clean.
  3. They’re safer
    Outdoor tiles with anti-slip coating are ideal for wet areas and around pools. Unlike wood, tile can be non porous, meaning they don’t absorb any water. This makes tiled areas faster drying and less slippery. Anti Slip outdoor tiles are ideal for wet areas and around pools.
  4. Easier to clean
    Tiles are super easy to keep clean and a high quality, non porous tile is less likely to stain from any spills or organic material. Simply fire up the high pressure hose and you’re tiles will be sparkling clean in no time.
  5. Consistency
    Often large decking areas may have an accumulation of sourced wood that can age differently under varying levels of light. The benefit wood-look tiles can offer, is the complete control of colour and grain across your deck.


Wood Deck

If you’re looking to refresh your outdoor deck or paved area, look past the wooden planks and onto tiles. You may just find a wood-look tile that makes your life a whole lot easier and outdoor space more beautiful for years to come.

Chat to the team at your nearest Elegance Tiles, to get the wood-look working for you!

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