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Choosing a Grout Colour to Make Your Bathroom Pop

Choosing a Grout Colour to Make Your Bathroom Pop

Believe it or not, your choice of grout will play a massive part in the overall look and style of your finished design. Granted, it’s not as exciting as picking tiles, but it is most definitely just as important!

Tile grout is available in several different types, not to mention a vast range of colours and tones. When making your grout selection, keep in mind the following things and your project is guaranteed to be finished to perfection.

There is a great selection of grout colours to choose from at Elegance Tiles. Depending on your desired outcome, it’s possible to create a stunning visual effect.


Choosing a grout colour that matches your tiles will create a smooth and seamless effect in your space. This is a great way to enhance the room’s overall size and give the illusion of more space. This is also perfect to create a more modern feel if that’s your goal.

Complementary grout colours

By choosing a complementary grout colour that is similar in tone with your tiles, you can ensure your tile’s colour or pattern is the key focus of the design, as a complementary grout colour will not be competing for attention.

Create a contrast

Now, if you’re after a more striking and bold look, you can choose a grout colour that completely contrasts your tiles. White subway tiles with black grout, for example, will create a dramatic and vintage effect in your tile layout, accentuating the tile’s colour, shape and pattern.

This technique looks particularly striking with uniquely shaped tiles, creating a bold feature element in your design.

Tile grout can really change the overall look and feel of a space, so it’s definitely worth spending a little time at your local Elegance Tile store looking over the various options. Our experienced team will be more than happy to assist and guide you through selecting the best tiles and grout for your next project!

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