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3 Easy Ideas to Transform Your Apartment

Living small doesn’t have to mean compromising on designer details for your home.

3 Easy Ideas to Transform Your Apartment

There’s no doubt that the apartment market in Melbourne is booming. As apartment buildings pop up in almost any new block of land in the inner suburbs, this compact living choice has now become the golden ticket into the competitive housing market for both first time buyers and downsizers.

With this increase in demand, there’s also an increase in generic floor plans, layouts and even styling. While limited space can restrict your grand design ideas, you don’t have to settle for uninspiring spaces.

So how do you make your little box in the sky stand out from the rest? We show you three easy ideas to get that inspiration flowing.

1. Put your stamp on it

Having a consistent aesthetic throughout your apartment will help set you apart from your neighbours. Try to define a decorating style that best encapsulates you. From colours and textures to artwork and soft furnishings, once you define your signature style, decorating becomes a whole lot easier!

Elegance Tip: Having trouble deciding on one style? Create a Pinterest account with various styled boards. As you pin photos over time, you’ll see which boards gain more attention and which direction to take your home styling. To help get those creative juices flowing, follow Elegance Tiles on Pinterest.

2. Focus on the selling points

What are the most influential rooms in the home for buyers? The kitchen and bathroom. These are the rooms that ‘sell’ a house, so if you have the opportunity to allocate budget to home renovations – start here!

Research current trends from top designer home awards for inspiration, and then find a local and more affordable alternative. Smaller rooms mean less space to tile and grout, so don’t be afraid to splash out on tiles that you really want.

Elegance tip: Think outside paint as a source of colour in the home. Tiles can be a longer lasting alternative to add colour and pattern to your surfaces. An investment on tiles means you can save money on more simple cabinetry.

3. Utilise every corner and look up

No space for a dining table? Add a breakfast bar.
Cupboard shortage? Create floor to ceiling built in storage.
Low on bench space? Install pull out chopping boards.
If there’s a problem, think outside the square to try to fix it. Chances are that you will find a solution online along with a handy ‘how-to’ guide!

When we help our clients choose tiles for smaller rooms, we work to draw the eye upwards, making the room feel taller and more spacious. Try focusing on the vertical lines in your room with strategic patterns, colours and grains.

The key to a stand out apartment is adding your own personal touch to your decorating. Don’t simply choose a neutral colour scheme because it’s ‘best’ for resale.

Adding warmth and personalisation to your styling choices will, not only transform your house into a home, but it will make it even more enjoyable for you to live in. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries – the reward is worth the risk!

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